Electronic Transformer Characteristics and Types

The correct term for this is ECM (Electronic Contract Manufacturing) and is a term that describes companies that offer contracts for the assembly of electronic components on another company’s behalf. An example of this is a company that is in need of a complex circuit board will outsource the manufacture of the product to an ECM company instead of undertaking the manufacturing process on their own. The actual company that use this service still get their own branding on the finished product (the ECM does not brand anything they manufacture).

It was in 1981 when this service first became available with the introduction of IBM into the PC market, over time ECMs grew bigger and bigger and in time some of them developed in to Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS). EMS’s still offer the manufacturing process but also offer a much broader selection of services. This growth continued and even today EMS has once again evolved into what is known as Original Design Manufacturers, they offer complete services for electronic components for large companies like Wal-Mart (Wal-Mart is a large American superstore). Effectively Original Design Manufacturers cut out the OEMs altogether. home appliances rt nagar

If you are a company that is looking to manufacture electronic components but cannot undergo the manufacturing process yourself, then have a look around and you will find a lot of outsourcing companies online. Make sure you read into the business first, request some testimonials so you can see the results first hand before making a decision. All companies will differ in cost for their services, be sure to find one that you can afford with a good reputation.


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