How Proofreading Services Can Help International Students

The number of international students in Australia grew 16.8% percent during the 2009-2010 school year, making the number of foreign-born college students in Australia well over half a million students (631,935 to be exact). Although the majority of these students are highly intelligent and certainly capable of succeeding in their post-secondary classes, many of them struggle academically because of language barriers.

The Language Issue

While it’s true that most of these international students can communicate effectively in English, sometimes effective just isn’t good enough, especially in the competitive world of academia. Professors expect that their student’s writing be clear, cohesive, and grammatically perfect. This is true in most courses, not just those designated as English classes. These standards of excellence apply to all students, international students included. Because English is often the second language for these foreign-born students, keeping up with their Australian classmates can be quite a challenge.

How Online Editing Services Can Help

Online editing and proofreading services can be a big help to international students who struggle with their academic writing. Many of the editors on staff with these companies are specifically trained to catch and correct the most common errors made by ESL (English as a Second Language) students.

No matter how hard you study the language or work on your writing, if you are an international student, you are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to performing on par with your classmates on writing assignments. Since these students have been speaking and writing in English all of their lives, they have an innate sense of the language-including all of the exceptions to the rules and unexplainable idioms-that makes writing in English effortless for them. An online editing and proofreading service can help eliminate your crutch and set you beside your peers in terms of clarity and grammar, thus allowing your own ideas and insights to shine through.

Using an Online Proofreading Service Isn’t Cheating dissertation proofreading services

Most international students are fiercely dedicated to their studies and would never compromise their academic standing by cheating. Fortunately, there is nothing unethical about using an editing and proofreading service. The editors on staff do not write your paper for you or change your ideas; they simply make sure that your original work is cast in the best light possible by correcting any errors that may distract from your message. It’s similar to what a spelling or grammar check on a word processor might do-only better. If anything, these services make academic competition fairer by leveling the playing field for all students-including international ones.

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