How to Personalise a Gift Voucher

Leaving it late happens, but what can you do to personalise that gift voucher you’re printing off the internet?

We have all heard the saying, “It’s the thought that counts”. So put some thought into it and be creative. With just a few extra touches you can really personalise the gift voucher by using your imagination and the recipient will more likely feel special and appreciated, after all that is probably why you are giving a gift in the first place.

How can you do this? It’s all in the presentation and let’s be honest, opening an envelope is not really that exciting. Use the idea of the gift certificate and extend on it by choosing a theme that is relevant to the recipient or the voucher. The key is to be thoughtful and creative. MoreVoucher

Here are a few suggestions we have thought of that you can modify to suit the recipient and the gift voucher you have chosen.

The feminine touch

An example for a spa package voucher is to take a nice box, line it with some tissue paper and place a couple of items in the box relevant to the voucher ie a mini bath gel and body lotion. Place the voucher in between the other items, put the lid on the box and tie a ribbon around it.

Simple and effective

Another idea with less expense spared on additional items, is to decorate the box. Take a music voucher for example -wrap the voucher itself with some music themed wrapping paper, line the box with some tissue paper and sprinkle some decorative scatters through the box. Scatters are small plastic decorative features in different shapes. They can be purchased at craft stores and there are a huge range designs including musical notes and musical instruments.


If you know the recipient quite well, and feel like teasing them a bit (knowing that they have a good sense of humour) – here is a fun idea for you. Take a box and place the gift voucher on the bottom of it, fill the box with items that the person probably won’t appreciate, for example food items they don’t like or low cost items such as supermarket branded instant noodles and free packets of soy sauce. Watch their facial expressions as they try to pretend that they like the gift and finally, the look of relief and surprise when they find the voucher at the bottom. For the right person, this idea works well – especially in a group situation where someone else can film the opening inconspicuously. Obviously this will only appeal to people who can appreciate the joke so, do be careful it’s all in good humour and we are not encouraging you to upset anyone.

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