Using The Internet To Cut Parcel Courier Prices

For most of us sending parcels means going out and buying what we think is suitable packaging, bringing it back, wrapping up our parcels and then going and queuing at the Post Office (Often behind twenty other people) to send them.

Many small businesses still use this as a way to regularly send parcels thinking that it keeps the costs of parcel deliveries down compared to using a parcel courier.

But does it really reduce parcel delivery costs? If you just “Make do” with packaging that is close to what you want, but not ideal, you may well end up paying more to get your parcel delivered as the Post Office now charge by size as well as the weight of parcels. parcel UK account

Also your business then has the expense of sending someone to the Post Office, queuing for half an hour, paying in cash and getting a receipt to claim it back. All of these are hidden costs, which in some cases may well outweigh the profit on the parcel being shipped. Also does the Post Office insurance adequately cover the parcel? The person taking the parcel to the Post Office may not know the goods true value, and parcel damage in transit may prove costly.

However there is another way. The power that the Internet brings means that you can now source exactly the right parcel packaging materials you need, shipped to your door at a fraction of the cost of buying them from a local shop or even a major stationery retailer.

In addition you can now book parcel collections online from home or work, even selecting what time you want the parcel picking up. You can pay by company credit card, saving further on cash handling and more importantly saving your employee queuing for half an hour to courier a parcel, when they could have been working on your core business.

The use of the Internet to source cheaper parcel packing materials as well as selecting an online parcel courier can save both businesses and individuals (eBay sellers as an example) time and money.


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